About Us

A Brand Story Builder

PROMOCONS, a pool of professionals in Communications, Advertising & Marketing, a multitongue, multicultural, multifunctional,  multitasking, multiexperienced team at the service of Companies in different branches of  the business.

From Health Care to Nutrition, from Beauty to Fashion, PROMOCONS, thanks to more than 20 years of its staff expertise, is the right support to launch, manage and consolidate brands

PROMOCONS has no bounderies

Account manager, Creative, Medical, Copy, Executive, Production, Post-production… at PROMOCONS every single department even if located in different countries is “all’s for one, one’s for all”. Technology is our base, sharing projects with our staff colleagues all over the world, from Switzerland to UK, France, Italy, Russia, in Europe; to Africa and US, China and India.

What We Want

PROMOCONS has a sole goal: make peolpe healthy and happy !